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Churn rate of 30% Predicted for Streaming Subscriptions

Deloitte predicts a churn rate of 30% for streaming subscriptions in 2022.

This is no surprise as more and more services continue to emerge and battle for viewers time, but it highlights the need for streaming services to ensure they are considering all areas of their business to really succeed. Both the large global services expanding rapidly across different regions (HBOMax, Disney+, and Paramount+) and the smaller, but still powerful players in their respective markets. This doesn’t only mean focusing on content and marketing, which as we know, they will spend billions on annually, it means areas typically looked past within their business.

Now we aren’t pretending we can help everywhere! But one area we have a vast amount of experience is operations. We have seen how streamlined operational workflows with unified long-term content planning, scheduling, rights and metadata across operational teams is a key component to efficiency when expanding aggressively and competing globally.

Being able to launch in new territories with ease, without spiralling operational costs or the need to expand regional teams, allows costs to be predictable and centralised, empowering teams to manage growth in a unified way.

This is the key to success in the long term. It’s clear competition is increasing year on year, so preparing for the future is vital to these players staying profitable and successful as they make the aggressive launch into the streaming world and adjust from the old world of linear. Predictable operating budgeting for the long term then enables organisations to invest in the right content for their viewers and strong marketing around this.

We have helped some of the world’s largest and most successful media companies streamline their operations, please contact us to find out more!