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BeBanjo to attend MESA’s Smart Content Summit as Platinum Sponsor

We’re delighted to once again attend MESA’s Smart Content Summit and EIDR Annual Participant Meeting as platinum sponsor, on 10th March in Los Angeles’ Skirball Cultural Center.

Formed in 2009, MESA (Media & Entertainment Services Alliance) represents more than 150 companies, all of whom are enabling the biggest transformation of media & entertainment in history. First introduced nine years ago, Smart Content is an overarching concept of how data is integral to all parts of the media and entertainment supply chain.

We are also pleased to announce our Sales Manager Dan Meyer as one of the events guest speakers. He will be discussing the key areas of growth, be it via subscription, advertising or a mix of both, as well as retention, cost efficient growth and sustainability which are even more important now than they have ever been. As streaming services and national players continue to expand globally, his session will explore what tools are needed to compete both domestically and internationally for long term success.

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