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How does Clipsource integrate with Movida

We’re delighted to announce our technical partnership with Clipsource, the all-in-one marketing and communication platform specifically designed to streamline workflows in the media and entertainment industry.

Founded in 2009, Clipsource have worked with major leaders in the industry including Disney, HBO, Sony Pictures, Storytel and Discovery Networks.

Movida and Clipsource work together to create one seamless environment for storing and sharing media materials. Integrating Clipsource with Movida, allows teams to instantly populate the former with all of the information that is stored in Movida. The media assets can then be organised down to episode level, in a user-friendly platform that is designed for storing, validating and sharing.

As a separate marcomms DAM, Clipsource enables you to complement your media assets with additional marketing-related information and media. The integration is designed to give press, sales, marketing and other internal teams direct access to marketing materials and assets that are stored in Movida, organised down to episode level. This could be everything from film images, short clips, trailers, cast information, schedule and EPG data and more.

Teams in the media industry often use the same data for different tasks which can lead to version chaos and unnecessary extra work. The Clipsource platform is designed to help you reuse the data that is already stored in your planning system Movida, by feeding it to a platform where it can be reformatted and used for marketing and sharing purposes.

Check out the BeBanjo Clipsource Integration Guide here for an overview of how the integration can help your team achieve more.

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