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Scaling up VoD operations

Your Content ops teams have a big job – they execute your business’ content strategy, getting every title ready for distribution on every platform at the right time. They prepare media, images and metadata, validate rights and ultimately publish every title to every one of your platforms, turning content plans into schedules.

As your business expands into new territories and experiments with new streaming products and business models, the demands placed on VoD operations increase. More schedules need to be created and maintained. Metadata needs to be prepared in more languages and rights need to be validated against increasingly complex licensing deals. Departments that were already stretched can find themselves overwhelmed as they’re asked to do more.

The results are bottlenecks that impact business as usual, stressed out teams that struggle to meet project deadlines and impede business growth, and an increase in errors that can negatively impact the company’s audiences and reputation. When you consider the ease with which consumers can hop from one service to another, this can result in much dreaded customer churn.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Over a decade of experience in the industry has shown us that VoD businesses can massively scale up without overwhelming their limited content ops teams. Over the coming weeks, we will explore the key challenges faced by ops teams, the behaviours and beliefs that contribute to these challenges and how to overcome them, without increasing headcount.

Check back here for Part 1 in our series of How to Scale up your VoD operations: What Tools of the Trade are Stunting your Growth – coming Friday 13th May.

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