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Taking a true Products Approach

Here at BeBanjo, we’re proud to have a true products approach. Products are configured and integrated in different ways, but no-one is running off a custom or orphaned version of the software. Everybody gets every enhancement. 

We also pride ourselves on our constant evolution and continuous development, fully receptive to what our clients need. If we can make something work better for you, we will find a way to make the necessary improvements to our product. 

With that being said, we are delighted to be in the process of rolling out a revamped version of one of our key modules Schedule. We’ve refreshed our user interface by introducing some great new features.

You can now change filters where needed, save your chosen views, rearrange columns as you wish and gain extra information from grouping schedule entries by platform or dates.

These changes allow organisations to be able to customise their screens to their needs and makes sorting, adding, removing, rearranging and so on much easier and quicker to do as columns don’t need to be filtered every time. This automation saves teams vital time.

We know how important change management is and our Technical Account Managers ensure they always go through module improvements with each of our clients.

We will have migrated everyone onto the new Schedule module by January and clients who are using the enhancements are already feeling the difference. Cirkus International comments ‘The new-look non-linear schedule page is clean and uncluttered. The ability to almost tailor-make your exports, based on which columns you’ve chosen to display is useful, and the quick access to copy scheduling IDs and view past publication history from the main screen is great – very helpful!

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