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Enhancing our users’ experience

One of the main things we strive for is to provide a great user experience for our customers. And we’ve learnt that changes, both big and small, can make a huge difference to that experience.

Today, we’re happy to present a big one – the Spring launch of a refreshed version of our Catalogue module.

One element of the new version our clients have already started using is the fully customizable grid, illustrating all the items teams have. Users can select their own sorting rules and groupings and then save these views. An extremely useful feature when sorting series’ episodes for example. Each user can have a number of personalized views adapted to their own specific workflows and tasks. The same can be applied to filters. In addition, they have the option to show or hide whatever information they need for the Catalogue items.

The module page performance response has also been improved significantly making any task within Catalogue much quicker.

The new aspects of the module are extremely easy to use and reduce time teams spend on laborious tasks, freeing up their time for more value adding work.

Senior Product Manager Antonio Rull comments “This marks a very meaningful milestone for our customers and for us – and the journey doesn’t end here. Our roadmap is full of enhancements in Catalogue and the other BeBanjo modules to make them easier and more effective for our clients.”

The developments we have planned will serve to make things clearer and more coherent for users. We pride ourselves on this continued evolution of our products.

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